What You Need to Know Before Starting a Clothing Line

So I often get a lot questions regarding where to start and how to start. In the below video I go into a detail about understanding some things you need to know and understand before starting.

These are my top four tips from my experience with hidden visions as well as talking and communicating with other brands that I have worked with through photography. They may not be applicable to all situations but these are some important things I have picked up along the way in my journey to developing and making Hidden Visions a full fledged thing. 

Tip 1:


Having a clear vision is key to what you are trying to do. This encompasses the name of your brand which will make things easier in creating and crafting what your brand represents and what type of design/product you want. The more clear your theme and vision is the easier your campaign work becomes and what type of message you want to deliver to your customer. 


Tip 2:

Knowing where you want to be as brand is also key. Where to start and where you want to finish. Researching is key in this situation, this will give you an understanding of how much your investment may need to be and how much you can invest. Knowing what type of product you want to create, questions like are we cut and sew? are we screen print? what type of market are aiming for? High end? fashion fashion?

This will give you even more insight into creating and crafting the story you wish to present to your customer. Knowing as much about what you want do and where you want to be with it will give your more information as to who your customer is going to be and what type of product you can produce for them.


Tip 3:

PUT IN WORK. A clothing line takes a great amount of time and patience. Its also an understanding of what you can and can not do. So understanding your skill set. For me im a photographer and I dabble in a little big of graphic design. My skills in that field are limited so I outsource when a design is too difficult to manage. I do however save myself some money by taking all the images for my brand myself. 

Part of the work is constantly doing research. That means researching product, trends, markets, printers, manufacturers and quality amongst many other things. Be sure you find out who you are working with and what type of product you work with. That means sample and be happy with what you are about to put out to your consumer. 


Tip 4:

DON'T BE CHEAP. That means don't be cut corners regarding what you put out and with your time. What ever you put it will forever be what you get out of it. Understanding that their are a lot of costs involved such as and not just:

marketing costs

sample costs

product costs

product housing

shipping costs

outsourcing - printing, design, photos, video


Time put in will effect your output.  


These tips are of course of my own opinion and hopefully they help giving you a little insight into the brand and where to start.